The Crucible

“In the Crucible”

by Gene Comiskey

“The Crucible “ by Arthur Miller was a drama about the Salem witch trials, an iconic liberal allegory on
“McCarthyism”. It dramatized the prosecution of innocents without due process of law or the
presumption of innocence. The recent drama unfolding in Washington, D.C., the confirmation hearing
for a vacant Supreme Court seat, contains a stark irony completely lost on the Democrats. They have
been subjecting Judge Brett Kavanaugh to a new version of the crucible. In a witty rejoinder to
protestors, Senator Lindsey Graham suggested that perhaps we should throw Judge Kavanaugh in the
water and see if he floats, a reference to a medieval test of a witch. And medieval it would be to accept
the accusations of anyone without corroborating evidence. All of the accusations against Judge
Kavanagh have been exactly that : lacking in any corroborating evidence. In fact, the so-called witnesses
cited by Dr. Ford have all given sworn affidavits which dispute her allegations. Fortunately for Judge
Kavanaugh, he will not have to face a trial by water or fire. He will survive this ordeal and , I venture to
say, give a good accounting of himself in the future.

The left in this country, from Senate Democrats to the protestors bought and paid for by George Soros,
may never face an accounting save at the ballot box. They and their propaganda wing, the mainstream
media, have shown themselves to be enemies of civil rights, the Constitution and the basic principles of
law which define a civilized society. They have abandoned all pretense of right or fairness. They have
thrown all in with Saul Alinsky: the ends justify the means.

When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States almost two years ago, against the
odds and the left’s expectations, all sense of decency or respect for the voters of this country went out
the window. “By any means necessary” became the watchword of the President’s opponents. It started
even before his inauguration with attempts by elements within the Obama administration to spy on his
campaign and invent charges of collusion with Russia. President Trump has repeatedly referred to the
Mueller investigation as a “witch hunt”. The demonization of Donald Trump continues even to the
extent of smearing the reputation of Brett Kavanaugh. There is today still no evidence of Russian
collusion or obstruction of justice. There is, on the other hand, massive evidence that the Democrat
party will stop at nothing to regain their lost power. No smear is too disgusting, no dirty trick too nasty
and no standard too low that it can’t be abased by the Democrats.

The confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh would be a refutation of the left’s smear campaign. We
can expect that Justice Brett Kavanaugh will be an exceptional addition to the court after surviving his
own “crucible”. He will certainly have, if he didn’t before, a personal understanding of the importance of
legal presumption of innocence. I sincerely doubt that the results of this episode will engender any
second thoughts among those determined to ignore the results of the 2016 election. The horrific
treatment of Judge Kavanaugh, the veritable coup attempt on the Trump administration and the
contempt for the rule of law by the left will no doubt continue. It is now again imperative that the good
people of the United States, at the ballot box this November, again defy the left’s expectations and vote
for freedom, the rule of law and the Constitution.