Polk County NC Republican Party Polk County NC Republican Party

Official Event
Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 07:00 PM
Sarah Ernst Darnall Building

GOP General Meeting with Guest Speaker Dr. Selman Hasan

Our general business meeting will be followed immediately by our special guest speaker, Dr. Selman Hasan.  We are privileged to have him as our guest once again.

Dr Hasan is the Director, Int’l Christian Outreach Ministry (ICOM),

Dr Hasan was born in Kurdistan and grew up and completed high school in Baghdad IRAQ

He earned a B.Sc. Degree in Science and Physics from Mousel University on June 20th, 1977

In January 1980, he left Iraq for Kuwait, where he lived, studied and worked for the United Nations at an Environmental Protection Centre

In March 1982, Dr Hasan left Kuwait and traveled to Switzerland, finally settling in Germany to finish his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering

It was January 24th 1987, that amidst many complications in his life that GOD revealed Himself to Dr. Hasan

From this point forward, he begins to serve the Lord, working in Germany and central Europe, ministering primarily among the Muslim population.

After America entered Iraq on March 19th, 2003 and with the fall of Sadham Hussein, Christians suffering in Iraq got much worse and it was only the LORD who kept us alive and protected.  Islamic terror and destruction was rampant.

Shortly after the fall of Iraq, Dr Hasan left Europe to return to IRAQ where he was desperately needed because of his int’l connections and fluency in many languages ….English, German, Arabic, Romanian and others

Having devoted his work  to teaching others how to evangelize among Muslims, Dr. Hasan now speaks to audiences around the world about the ‘rights’ of women in Islam as well as the true face of Islam.