George Will is a Traitor

" George Will is a Traitor "                   7/26/2020                          by Gene Comiskey


  George Will is a traitor. He is a traitor to the principles upon which this country was founded. He is a traitor to the principles which he claims to uphold. He is a traitor to everyone who ever thought that he was a conservative. Certainly he is not the only traitor masquerading as a patriot. David Brooks and other Never-Trumpers also deserve the epithet traitor. I do not use that label lightly; I mean it precisely, emphatically.

I have lost all patience with the self-righteousness and condescension. I am done wasting my time trying to understand their thought process or their motivation. My country is in crisis and its survival is too important. I cannot remain quiet about the threats against it or the pompous fools who aid and abet its enemies. While reading this essay, feel free to substitute the name David Brooks or George Conway or James Comey or any of the other members of the Washington cabal for the name George Will.

  George Will is a traitor and he aids and abets this country's enemies. In 2016, Donald Trump defeated a criminal conspiracy which included the Democrat party, Hillary Clinton, members of the media and elements of the Obama administration. There was a  criminal conspiracy to prevent Donald Trump's election and then to cripple his administration. I do not make this charge lightly; I make it precisely, emphatically. Almost every day new revelations reveal the facts about that traitorous conspiracy and the slanderous accusations against Donald Trump that they fabricated. Does George Will celebrate the defeat of the corrupt Clintons or the corrupt members of the Obama administration ? No, he actively opposes the man who defeated that corrupt network. Does George Will use his resources to inform the American people about the crimes committed by the Obama administration or the current threats to this great Republic? No, he carries on a perverted campaign against the one man who now stands between the freedoms we should cherish and the barbarians at the gate.

  George Will is a traitor to the legacy of the Founders. He would abandon all that is great about this country because Donald Trump doesn't pass his ideological purity test or because Donald Trump called him a bad name on Twitter once. Someday perhaps he will get over it. I don't care; I'm busy doing my small part to actually make things better. The greatest country that has ever existed means less to George Will than his standing at the country club. I mean that literally, emphatically.

  The principles that George Will has written about extensively and others have claimed to support are under attack and in jeopardy if Donald Trump is not reelected to the Presidency. Limited representative government and the rule of law may be a thing of the past if the corrupt, impaired Joe Biden becomes President. Marxists radicals will be pulling Joe Biden's strings if he is elected but George Will somehow claims the moral high ground. Mr. Will, the barbarians will take your moral high ground and bury you in it. Literally.

  The corrupt Bidens, Clintons and their cronies will once again suck the lifeblood out of this country if the President is not reelected. Marxists and others who hate this great Republic will continue to attack our institutions and our heritage. We must not allow these ignorant fanatics to endanger our freedom. The time has come for everyone who loves this country and the people who made it great to stand up and fight. Fight against the fascist mob. Fight against the so-called antifa brats loosed from their mother's basements. Fight against George Soros' minions. Fight against the Democrat enablers. And fight against the effete snobs, the country club Republicans. President Trump must be reelected and with such support that we can start taking this country back from the radicals and killers.