The Walls are Closing In

The Walls Are Closing In

By Gene Comiskey

A column by a Fox News contributor ( a long-time Democrat operative) describes a recent court ruling as presaging “the walls closing in” on President Trump. What could this refer to? Is there some new, stunning revelation that will be damning to the President? Is the “smoking gun” proof that President Trump is a Russian asset about to be revealed? No, the judge ruled that material from the “Mueller investigation” must be turned over to Democrats in Congress. The same ‘Mueller investigation” that was a total disaster for the Democrats? The same investigation that showed that there was no collusion between theTrump campaign and any foreign organization? This is just another example of Democrat complicity in trying to overturn the results of an election. The Adam Schiff non-impeachment inquiry is another example of a continuous , ongoing coup de etat.

The walls, however, may truly be closing in. But closing in , not on President Trump,but on the members of the Obama administration who conspired and colluded to fix an election. After fixing the primary for Hillary Clinton but failing to secure the election, they decided to mount a coup against Donald Trump. The “Russia collusion” hoax, the repeated impeachment attempts and the lies spewed by the Democrats and their media allies have all failed to deter President Trump from implementing his agenda. The investigation by federal prosecutor John Dunham is making many Obama administration officials nervous. The corruption and criminal conspiracy endemic to the Obama administration will soon be revealed. Democrat operatives and the mainstream media will continue their attacks on President Trump and his supporters. But the walls are closing in and they can feel it. We hope that true justice will eventually be achieved and Brennan, Comey, Clapper and the entire cabal will soon be surrounded by solid walls and iron bars.