The Most Remarkable Thing

The Most Remarkable Thing


by William Cumming, Tryon NC


The most remarkable thing in politics in my lifetime is not the resignation of Richard Nixon, the workplace sexual antics of BJ Clinton with an intern in the Oval Office, the defeat of Crooked Hillary for president (twice), the election of the first (and last in my lifetime) half-black president, the unlikely ascension of Donald Trump to President in 2016, the abject corruption revealed within the DoJ, FBI and IRS or the irrational actions of Democrats, establishment Republicans and the DoJ to find every possible way to drive The Donald out of office. No, it is the incredible rise of the unknown Oscar-Meyer Gomez from waitress/bartender to become the youngest elected member of the House of Representatives and the leader. savior and hope for the future of the Democrat party.

Like Obama, O-MS rose from obscurity lifted by the hidden hand of anonymous wealthy handlers. Like Obama, she was young, attractive (to some), easily and willingly manipulated and passed the Biden test for national office as she was reasonably clean and articulate. Apparently being easily and willingly manipulated is the chief characteristic of all Democrats - voters and elected officials alike, because she and her handlers wasted no time in making  her mark as the new leader of her party.

Within her first month in office, she became a member of the House Financial Services Committee, the most powerful committee in the government, led by the able and articulate Maxine Waters. She has also generated more buzz and announced more ideas for the future than more senior Democrats like Pocahontas, Gillibrand and even Schumer and  Pelosi have done through their lengthy careers. Certainly her greatest achievement to date, is her announcement last week that  she was co-sponsoring the sweeping Green New Deal bill to end Climate Change, fix our economy and revolutionize life in America in just ten years. Every Democrat leader and future presidential hopeful was quick to jump on the Green Train and shower her with support and admiration to demonstrate their support for the one single big thing that will differentiate Democrats from the Republicans in the 2020 election.

Her initial announcement was somewhat vague as to details, mainly calling out for the end of all fossil fuels in ten years, replacing them with sustainable energy like wind and solar and hydro power, but definitely not nuclear power. Her bill would also abolish ICE, provide free college and a living wage for those unable and unwilling to work. There were a few details, such as replacing airplanes with trains, but when questioned about more, she just flashed her now famous toothy grin in an enigmatic smile and moved on.

It didn't take long for the rest of us to think of what it was going to cost each of us to achieve O-MS's dream. First, we would have to replace all our cars with new electric cars. We would have to replace our home heating and cooling systems and most public buildings would have to be renovated as well. Many businesses would simply shut down, leaving millions out of work. The cost of food, water, shelter and clothing and getting it to stores that were left would escalate beyond imagine and much of what we can buy today would no longer be available. Those of us with lawns could start growing food, but it would all simply be seized by roving hordes from the cities foraging for survival. Without airplanes, we could not escape to more rational countries, but we could at least keep the migrants from Europe, Asia and the Middle East out. But we would still have to absorb millions of new Democrat voters from Central and  South America. While liberals said "it sounds good to me", the rest of us laughed, shook our heads in disbelief, or bought more ammunition to use against those who tried to take our fossil fuels. We also wondered why the government should pay a wage to those unwilling to work? And there would be a lot of them who got their free college degrees only to find out there were no jobs because no one want to hire those who didn't really know anything and couldn't do anything (much like the problem today's graduates are finding, but there will be a lot more of them). Gomez herself defied the odds, graduating cum laude from Boston College in 2011 with a BA in international studies and economics in and quickly snagging a job after graduating as a waitress and bartender. Like Obama, she also dabbled in community organizing, as a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, which she credits for helping her fill in the gaps and shape the economic principles that she learned in college.

It was time for the Democrats to jump in and clarify her new bill. It was quickly renamed the Green Dream by a more rational thinker in the party Speaker Pelosi who knew such a thing was not possible, but did not want to discourage blossoming her new leader (and future rival) from thinking outside the box. Other Democrat leaders like the idea of declaring a New Green America, regardless of the cost because they like to use the word Green in everything they do. Like Obamacare, it has a catchy slogan. And like it, it is an idea without any substance, but they figured rightly that no one would notice that until after it is signed into law. Her initial idea for complete replacement of fossil fuels was quickly changed to "net-zero greenhouse gas-emissions" which is Democrat double-speak that sounds like something but means nothing. So while we wait for drama in Virginia to play out and the Mueller investigation to end and rid us of that awful illegitimate president in the White House, Oscar-Meyer Gomez has provided the headlines and entertainment that we all seek from our elected officials.