Reason .... Antidote to Rant

Reason …Antidote to Rant

By Gene Comiskey

I have written of the ongoing scourge upon the mental health of many in the mainstream media and their followers : Trump Derangement Syndrome. The latest lunacy is former Obama administration officials accusing President Trump of treason. The truth is that the President has implemented sanctions against Russia much higher than those Obama authorized; President Trump ordered airstrikes against Russian mercenaries in Syria and provided arms to Ukraine ; he has cancelled the atrocious Iran deal and warned Iran, a co-conspirator with Russia, not to threaten the U.S.; he brought out in the open the pipeline deal between Russia and Germany and convinced NATO members to increase their contributions. All of these policies are detrimental to the interests of Russia and Vladimir Putin. If you subscribe to the mainstream media you are probably unaware of these facts. If you are aware of these facts and of the great economic growth underway, and you still believe that President Trump is evil, a traitor to his country, then you are suffering from TDS and should seek medical intervention. If you refer to the President as the Anti-Christ, as a recent writer did, may I suggest a talk with the clergy of your choice.

Hyperbole is a useful writing tool. Referring to the President as a traitor and his supporters as NAZIs is not hyperbole. It is the kind of unhinged vitriol currently spewing from the mainstream media and its followers.

As I write this letter there is breaking news about terrific 2nd quarter GDP growth and a trade deal the President has arranged with the European Union. If you're watching CNN, you're missing the good news. So put aside your hatred, put some salve on the TDS and try to acknowledge the benefits that the Trump presidency has accrued to us all.