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This could be a landmark case in which public unions collect dues from NON-UNION government employees (no choice) and then send vast sums of the dues collected to support the Democratic Party.  Big Labor, big Gov’t ….Democratic icons.  Is that even remotely fair to those public non-union employees who don't support the Democratic Party?  Just how impactful is this upcoming SCOTUS case? The decision can affect 5 million public workers across 22 states including California, Illinois, and New York.

On a similar case in 2016, the court deadlocked 4 to 4.  With Justice Neil M. Gorsuch now on the bench, many expect the court to declare that mandatory union fees for workers who are not union members violate the First Amendment because they compel such workers to underwrite speech with which they might disagree.

How best to weigh in on this subject. You can’t contact the Supreme Court or the Justices on cases before the court.  But, you CAN express your opinion on the subject in a whole host of ways that will get attention.  Use social media (Twitter, Facebook), write an editorial to the local paper, write your state and federal representatives, buy a bumper sticker, bring up the subject in conversations and at meetings.  Encourage others to voice their opinion.  For more background on this subject, watch this 5 minute YouTube video from the Manhattan Institute.

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