Dear Polk County Commissioners

Dear Polk County Commission,

    As you know, our peaceful and lawful Polk County GOP is under slanderous and false attack by several local Democrats who are spreading lies about our recent bus trip to DC in which we exercised our First Amendment Rights of speech and Assembly. First of all, NONE of our members even went near the Capitol and except for a couple bus loads of Antifa radicals dressed as conservatives, there couldn't have been a more peaceful demonstration. In fact, one of our members spoke to Capitol Police outside and they remarked that they have never seen such a peaceful group that large EVER. The Patriots there were singing the national Anthem and doing prayers for the most part. 

    The part that WAS illegal was when several unmarked white bus loads of Antifa dressed as conservatives, but with a lot of tatoos arrived. Certain Capitol Police actually escorted them to the front of the line, took away the barriers and unlocked the Capitol doors. It was then that the conservative-dressed Antifa, which were noticeably more aggressive called out to the crowd, "lets go", and were breaking windows and coaxing in conservatives, for a set-up. What few conservatives did go in, were merely looking around like tourists and taking pictures---not violent. This has all been proven even by mainstream media with facial recognition and arrests of Antifa members.
This entire set up was orchestrated to make conservatives look violent, to give our weak Congress-people an excuse to not fully audit the election appropriately as Sen. Ted Cruz requested. It is now also being used to persecute conservatives around the country, and to silence our First Amendment Rights. This is the cancel-culture of the liberal Marxist left.

    So now we see local Democrats, with Mo Davis and Ray Gasperson in tow, being quoted in the Tryon Daily Bulleting, the Washington Post and WLOS Ch.13 in Asheville. each of the media are painting a fallacious and slanderous picture of violence and criminal activity that has already been proven. false. Obvious liberals such as Carolyn Ashburn, Carol Nothstein, Jackie Burke, Jeff Byrd, Sharon & John Carter, Libbie Johnson, Karen Dacey have also made fallacious and slanderous remarks of our GOP citizens calling them "rioters, lawless, violent, and promoting  suspicion and mistrust in our community with "fists and firearms". This is totally false, but what IS most disturbing is that former Commissioner Ray Gasperson was also piling on with comments of us "attacking traditions and the Constitution.". The only problem with all this is, it is Antifa and the Marxist Left that are using raised fists, have killed people even police, and are trying to erase our Constitution. What they accuse us of is exactly what THEY did for over 6 months of rioting, looting and burning our large cities that they control. This cost over $2 billion in damage and over 50 murders. 

    And so, where are ANY facts or proof of this violence from our peaceful, patriotic county? If they had anything, they should have gone to the police with evidence, not agitated  you and our community with nonsense. The fact is, we are now finding out that these Democrats with their Trump-derangement syndrome can't stand that Republicans still have their Trump signs up. It is embarrassing and un-American that they think we should all give up our freedom of speech and fall in line with their Marxist agenda. We feel our Polk County Commission should at the very least speak up if you have seen any of us calling or demonstrating for violence. The record shows none and that we always observed the laws and pulled all our permits legally. And if this TRUTH, not politics are what you saw---we believe you should say so for the record.  This is not about politics, but about truth---something the liberals constantly ignore for a fear-mongering political agenda. Legal action is being pursued because this is clearly slander and inciting violence in our community.

Lee Emerson
Mill Spring 1/30/21