All Politics is National

All Politics is National

by Gene Comiskey

Former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill is usually cited for using the phrase: “All politics is local”. However, for a number of reasons including the pervasiveness of the internet and more recently the “Trump phenomenon”, it seems that all politics has a national connection. A recent blog, endorsing B. J. Bayne (Dem.) for Polk County, North Carolina sheriff, illustrates this. The blogger compares B. J. Bayne with her opponent Tim Wright (Rep.), their qualifications for office being similar, and concludes that her Democrat affiliation is the deciding factor. He goes farther than that, essentially claiming that the policies of President Donald Trump and the Republican party automatically disqualify anyone from being elected to office as a Republican. 

Let us grant, for the sake of argument, this blogger’s assertion that national politics should determine our vote for Polk County sheriff and see where it leads us. First, the blogger claims that President Trump has unconstitutionally issued executive orders. It was President Obama, save for “Obamacare”, who lived by the executive order. President Trump’s orders have been aimed at rescinding Obama’s unconstitutional orders and negating regulations and policies not passed into law. As to fiscal responsibility and free trade, President Trump’s tax cuts and the slashing of burdensome regulation have jump started the economy and created millions of new jobs; the President has also shown that free trade is only free when everyone plays by the same rules. The blogger ridicules Republican advocacy of “family values” when “the feds are kidnapping refugee children”. Describing this last charge as disingenuous is being kind. The Democrats and their mainstream media cohorts have disgracefully lied about this situation. The separation of children from illegal aliens or parents claiming refugee status was existing policy when Donald Trump took office. This policy and others directed by the Obama administration to encourage illegal entry into the United States are well known by Democrats and they consistently lie about their origin and intent. It was President Trump who directed that the children be better cared for. Democrats are deliberately undermining law and order, e.g.: Sanctuary city policy, in order to bring more people into the United States to vote for them. This is the only reason that Democrats oppose the border wall and controlled, legal immigration. Also on the issue of law and order, it was a Bernie Sander’s supporter who attempted to assassinate Republican congressmen; it is the youth wing of the Democrat party, Antifa, who promote violence against their opponents and law enforcement; it is former candidate for President Hillary Clinton who states that civility is not required when dealing with Republicans and former Attorney General Eric Holder who tells Democrats  that the proper way to deal with Republicans is to “kick them”.

Now to the main charge, brought on by the recent confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and the disgusting and incredible assertion that Republicans don’t care about the rights of women. I remind you, this is coming from the party of Bill Clinton, Keith Ellison and Harvey Weinstein among many others. The blogger claims that there was “detailed testimony of sexual abuse” and that Justice Kavanaugh lied under oath. In point of fact, there was no “detailed testimony” at all: Dr. Ford’s testimony was devoid of all important details concerning time and location and the people involved. All of the witnesses she cited denied and/or failed to corroborate any of her testimony. Many people referred to her testimony as credible, but actually it was precisely not credible, not because she was a woman but because her accusations were made 36 years after the alleged incident and lacked any corroboration. This amounted to slander against Justice Kavanaugh as is the allegation that he perjured himself. Again, there was no credible evidence against him and his life history and accomplishments put the lie to attacks on his character. This episode was an attack on one of the pillars of our justice system, presumption of innocence. Liberals used to pride themselves on their advocacy for civil liberties; they have now abandoned even the pretense of adherence to due process. Professor Alan Dershowitz is the last liberal civil libertarian left standing and he has been ostracized by his former liberal associates and friends because of his stand for these ideals. Even the ACLU has been promoting the idea that Justice Kavanaugh did not deserve the presumption of innocence.

To follow the logic of the blogger, B. J. Bayne is guilty by association to those who commit violence on behalf of their political beliefs, swear false oaths and undermine our system of justice. She is associated with those who think that violent gang members “have the spark of the divine”, as Nancy Pelosi described MS-13 members and is in a party that accepted donations from and provided cover for the likes of Harvey Weinstein. For the sin of being associated with the Democrat party, B. J. Bayne does not deserve to be sheriff of Polk County and should be shunned by polite society. That would be the conclusion if you followed the logic of the logic-challenged blogger. But the position of sheriff of Polk county should actually be based on who is considered best qualified to perform that job. I have made the decision to support Tim Wright for sheriff because I think he is the right person with the right training and experience to be the sheriff we need in Polk County.