2022 School Board Endorsements

Polk County NC Republican Party

Contact: Dick Shaughnessy, Chairman August 5th, 2022

33 S. Peak Street, Columbus NC 28722

Phone 828.829.2543

Website: polk.nc.gop

Email: [email protected]




Official Republican Party endorsements for candidates running for the Polk County School Board in 2022 are as follows: Judy Jackson (Coopers Gap township), Jolene Williams (Tryon), Jason Allen (Green Creek) and Robin Wierzbiciki (Saluda).

The Executive Committee of the Party finalized its decision to endorse these candidates after completing its review process. Each endorsed candidate is a registered Republican and has been active with the local Party. Other candidates will be on the ballot in November (as many as twelve (12)), competing for one of the four (4) open positions. Only the four persons idenified above however have the official endorsement of the Party. These are county-wide races meaning that every voter will be able to select four candidates.

Whether at the local, state and national level, endorsement by the Republican Party represents the preferred conservative candidate in that race. Information about most candidates can be found on Republican Party websites (listed below). In addition, many candidates will have provided information to us at our headquarter facility on Peak Street in Columbus. Between now and election time, we hope to have several candidates at the headquarters for meet and greets. To be informed about these events, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter, check the calendar on our website or just call the office for information. We’re are anticipating a huge turnout in November, so we’re encouraging every conservative voter who shares the principles and values of the local Party to come out and vote. Plus, encourage and help your neighbors to do the same.

Our conserative constituents in Polk County rely on the Party to represent the core values of our conservative platform; individual liberty, American tradition, law and order and belief in God. Conduct that is civil and discourse that is honest and truthful are present in only one Party in America and that is the Republican Party. Be proud of that fact! And let’s make it clear in November that we choose good over evil, strength over weakness in the conduct of public affairs.

Official Republican Websites:

Polk County: https://polk.nc.gop (this site is in the process of being updated)

NC GOP: https://www.nc.gop

RNC: https://rnc.org