2022 Candidate Endorsements

Polk County NC Republican Party

Contact:  Dick Shaughnessy,  Chairman                                                                July 26th, 2022

33 S. Peak Street, Columbus NC 28722

Phone 828.829.2543

Email: [email protected]




The Chair of the Polk County Republican Party is releasing this statement to clarify the status of candidate endorsements for the November election.

Every Republican candidate who is eligible to be on the November ballot in 2022, competing against a Democrat candidate, whether at the local, state and national level, has the endorsement of the Polk County Republican Party.  In addition, in the case of our local school board election this year, a non-partisan race, the Executive Committee (EC) of the Party decided to recruit and support strong, conservative candidates and to take an active role in promoting their campaigns.  While the Party has not been involved in non-partisan races in the past, the EC decided that would change this year.  All candidates to be endorsed will be registered Republicans and will have been vetted by the EC.

Some social media platforms are actively engaged in commentary on sitting school board members and certain candidates running for school board.  These sites have no relation to the Polk County Republican Party.  Any comments that appear on these sites represent the personal views of the people posting and do not represent the views or positions of the Party.  The Republican Party expresses its viewpoints and positions on sites that are administered only by the Party.  Those sites are listed below.  Any time a community member wants information regarding candidates, endorsements or any other official policy or position of the Party, they may place a call or use our email service. We will do our best to answer you as quickly as possible.

The Republican Party of Polk County is a principled Party.  We have stated beliefs that guide our leadership.  Our constituents depend upon us to represent the core values of our conservative platform; individual liberty, tradition, law and order and belief in God.  Important for everyone who represents themselves as a conservative Republican in Polk County is that their conduct is civil and their discourse is honest and truthful.

Official communications platforms of the Polk County GOP:

  • Website:  polk.nc.gop  (this site is in the process of being updated)
  • Phone:  828.808.1158
  • Email:  [email protected]
  • Social Media:  MEWE:  polkncgop  / GAB:  @polk GOP / TRUTH SOCIAL:  @polkncgop