2020 GOP PRIMARY Candidates

The PRIMARY season is upon us for the 2020 Election Cycle. 

A Republican candidate who is vying for an elected office in North Carolina (local, state or federal)  may have to compete against one or more other Republican candidates in the March 3, 2020 election primary.  The winner will go on to compete against a Democrat candidate in the November general election.

There are several races at the state and federal level for which Primary voting will be necessary.  The races for which there is no primary include:  Polk County Commissioner, NC State Legislature, Dist 113 (Rep Jake Johnson, incumbent) and NC State Senate, Dist 47 (Sen Hise incumbent).

To view the complete list of contests for which you can vote on March 3rd, 2020, click on this link.          You will need to scroll down.  This report includes both REP and DEM primaries as well as some LIB (Libertarian) and CST (Constitutional) and GRE (Green) party primaries.